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Building on our Past by looking forward to the Future




LIFE & LEGACYTemple Israel is a home for families of all configurations, for individuals whose life choices are varied and for all age groups. What unites us is a personal commitment to pursue the sacred in a community of likeminded Jews built on the foundations of a house of prayer, study, and assembly. For over 50 years we have grown from a handful of visionary families to become a thriving synagogue. We are the destination and voice for Reform liberal Judaism in Ottawa.

Providing for the future is a core Jewish principle. A planned gift to Temple is an opportunity for you to leave a legacy that will benefit our community for generations.

Our legacy donors are people like you, who love and treasure our Jewish traditions, who share strong bonds created at Temple Israel and who want our children, grandchildren, and future generations to be enriched by a strong and thriving Reform synagogue in the heart of Ottawa.

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Assuring Temple’s Future

Temple Israel is proud to partner with other Ottawa Jewish community organizations and synagogues through the Life and Legacy program which promotes after lifetime giving, to build endowments that will sustain valued organizations and vibrant Jewish communities into the future. Developed by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, the Jewish Federation of Ottawa leads the 4-year initiative which is managed by the Ottawa Jewish Community Foundation.

Temple Israel has successfully completed the first three years of the LIFE & LEGACY program and will begin Year 4 on July 1, 2023.

It’s time to take action. Start the conversation fro making your Life and Legacy gift today!

Committee work at Temple IsraelHow do I Participate?

All of us, regardless of age, wealth, or affiliation, have the ability to leave a legacy gift. Whether you choose to leave a bequest in your will or through another vehicle, you can take care of your loved ones and ensure that your values will carry on in our Temple community.

Start with these 3 suggestions.

  • Reflect on your Jewish passions
  • Have a conversation with a member of TI’s Life and Legacy team
  • Fill out a Letter of Intent (LOI). This letter serves as a visual recognition of your participation in the Life & Legacy Program and begins the process whereby you will leave a Legacy gift to Temple Israel.

Information on how to leave a Legacy to Temple

Gift Confirmation Form

TOP 5 Legacy Giving Myths

  1. I have to be a millionaire to leave a legacy. The beauty of legacy giving is that you can make a gift of any amount of your estate. Whether your estate is worth a few shekels or a few billion, your gift is your legacy. And your legacy should live on!
  2. My children are getting all my money. Every parent wants to make sure their children are financially secure. Consider leaving just a portion of your estate to charitable causes. A gift like this will leave your children with both financial support and an ethical lesson in the importance of building a better world.
  3. I already give money annually. Thank you so much! Regular giving is an important part of how non-profits keep their doors open. But what happens to the organization you have supported when you are no longer here to make that gift? A legacy gift can help ensure that your support continues.
  4. Only seniors can leave a legacy gift. Seniors are an important and influential group, but any person—no matter their age—can support the causes and organizations they cherish after they are gone. If you have assets, you’ll want to be the one to decide how they should be divided… at any age.
  5. I will need to hire a lawyer. There are Legacy gift vehicles that don’t require hiring an lawyer. Consider making Temple Israel a beneficiary of a portion of your life insurance policy or retirement fund. This change can usually be made with a phone call and a signature, no lawyer necessary.

Temple’s Life and Legacy Team

Margo Rosen, Kim Doran, Bobbi Soderstrom, Martin Freeman, Mark Holzman,  Margot Montgomery, Mona Klinger, and Executive Director Heather Cohen. 

To learn more about the Life and Legacy program or to speak to a member of our Legacy Team, please contact: 

Cathy at 613.224-1802 ext. 5
or email

Testimonials from Temple Members

The number of Life and Legacy donors keeps climbing.  56 Temple members have signed a Letter of Intent and of these, 60% have confirmed their gift to Temple Israel!  Many, Many thanks!

Be inspired by what they have to say and create your own Jewish legacy.

Click on the photos to read their stories.

Honour Roll

Anonymous (4)
Howard and Anne Alper
Stephen z”l and Ellen Asherman
Sydney Backman
Kevin Bisback
Ranit Braun and Jason Demorest
Joan Brodie
Miriam and Mario Burke
Hal Burnham
Deidre Butler and Martin Landry
Gary and Heather Cohen
Pierre Coulombe
Margaret and David Delicate
Kim Doran and David Goldstein
Lynn and Gary Dubinsky
Heather and Mark Evenchick
Martin Freeman and Joanne Burgess
Micah and Jessica Garten
Rabbi Steven Garten and Lisa Hans
Deirdre Gillieson
Sue and Bernard z”l Gold
Susan and Brian Gold
Merle Haltrecht-Matte
Ann Heathcote
Mark Holzman
Jaquelin Holzman and John Rutherford

Garry and Christine Kessler
Fran Klodawsky
Norm Leckie and Robin Chernick
Marsha and Allan Maslove
Steven and Janet Mendelsohn
James Merson
Rabbi Daniel Mikelberg and Zachary Paul
Margot Montgomery
Deirdre Neuss and David Redekop
Shirli Penner and Jonathan Penner z”l
Steven Poleski and Sandy Pollack
Louise and Lorne Rachlis
Margo and Frank Rosen
Lisa Rosenkrantz
Patsy and Georges z”l Royer
Aliza Rudner
Fran Ariel Russell z”l
Mark and Susan Silverman
George Sladowski
Miriam Salamon and Bob Moon
Angus Smith
Bobbi and Rick Soderstrom
Shayla Mindell
Daisy Soderstrom 
Charles Khazzam
Mark Klyman

Let Us Thank You

All donors who make a legacy gift will be honoured as members of the Chai Legacy Circle and appropriately recognized. If you wish to remain anonymous, we will always respect your privacy.

Have you chosen to include a bequest to Temple Israel? Please let us know. We would love to thank you personally.

Phone – Cathy at 613.224-1802 ext. 5
Email – Margo Rosen at