Worship Services

Masks and hand sanitizer will be available at Temple Israel and Temple Israel Religious School for all Services and programming.

Weekly Services

We look forward to having you join us in person for our Shabbat Services. Please come only if symptom free and use the hand sanitizer at the entrance. If you cannot attend in person, please join us virtually. In addition, we have upgraded our technology over the past two years to foster an even more inclusive environment. If you have hearing needs make sure to ask one of our ushers for a new headset. You’ll also note our big screen TV has many of the siddur pages so you can follow along in a larger than life format.

Note: All Friday and Saturday services are available online (Facebook). Please make sure to check the e-weekly for any changes and the most up to date information. Not getting our weekly emails? Sign up here.

Music in our Services

Music is central to the spiritual life of Temple Israel. We are known for our concerts and recitals, offered at regular intervals through the year. Our liturgical choir brings a unique level of spirituality to Yom Tov and special services and new members are welcome. Support and instruction are available for anyone who wishes to learn to chant Torah or Haftarah, the blessings, or to lead a Shiva or Havdalah service.

Student Cantor Mulcahy 

We’re thrilled to continue to host Student Cantor Mulcahy monthly from New Jersey. Warm up your voices and come join these special Shabbat weekends.  

Members of our choir
Members of our choir

Pride Shabbat Panel

June 10, 2022

On the occasion of Pride Shabbat, three young Queer Leaders used the occasion to reflect on their journeys and the impact of their Reform Temples. Special thank you to Zahava Barwin of Temple Israel of Ottawa, Aaron Penciner of Temple Sinai Congregation of Toronto, Clara Shemtov of Temple Emanuel – Beth Sholom of Montreal and our moderator Rabbi Dara Lithwick.

Pulpit Exchange

Over recent years, we have gotten to know our neighbours at St John the Evangelist Anglican Church. By coincidence, both our Temple and St John’s have welcomed new clergy from Toronto. Rabbi Daniel Mikelberg and Rev Gary van der Meer have become colleagues and friends, both committed to a vision of community grounded in faith, social justice and love.

Listen to Rabbi Mikelberg’s November 2022 sermon at St. John’s Evangelist church. Also included are the two pieces sung by Student Cantor Mulcahy.

Pulpit Exchange
March 2023 - Rev. Van Der Meer and Rabbi Mikelberg share stories of their recent trips to Israel.
March 2023 – Rev. Van Der Meer and Rabbi Mikelberg share stories of their recent trips to Israel.

Help Support Temple

If you are enjoying our virtual programming and visiting online with our community, please consider a gift to sustain our synagogue. Learn more and find out how you can donate.

Larry Tarof leading Kabbalat Shabbat music
Larry Tarof leading Kabbalat Shabbat music

The Oneg Shabbat Project

The Giving Committee’s  Oneg Shabbat Project aims to ensure that all onegs are provided for throughout the year.

We feel that Onegs, welcoming friends and strangers alike, coming together and caring for others, is the heart of temple.

Help us build ourselves as a community that is welcoming and hospitable by saying “Yes!

Larry Tarof

Larry Tarof

Larry Tarof leads our Kabbalat Shabbat music with his guitar, piano and voice. He offers a variety of musical styles, old and new music choices and musical surprises. Larry also provides musical leadership for Temple Israel Religious School (TIRS) and class led services.

In addition to Temple, Larry (Dr. L.) has more than a quarter century of experience with pop/musical theatre arrangements, choral arrangements, live performances and original compositions.

Other Services

We regularly worship together on difference occasions. Check the calendar for upcoming services.

Morning Minyan

On Zoom! Start your day with a strong boost of Torah and prayer. Our morning minyans are twice a month. Check weekly emails as well as our calendar for dates and times.

Some members of our congregation have allergies to scents and perfumes. Please, with consideration for others, practice no scents is good sense.