Worship Services

Weekly Services

Kabbalat Shabbat Services

We gather together to welcome Shabbat on Friday evenings. Our service is full of music and is especially child-friendly. On the second Friday of the month, the service is followed by a casual “bring your own and some to share” dinner.  We welcome Shabbat in the warm company of family and friends at these services. This is a great way for us to get to know people in an informal setting, and a fun way to introduce children to services. On the fourth Friday of each month, we may introduce additional music. Kabbalat Shabbat services begin at 6:15 on Fridays, so join us for worship and song.

Larry Tarof leading Kabbalat Shabbat music
Larry Tarof leading Kabbalat Shabbat music

Shabbat Services

Shabbat morning is a highlight of the week for us at Temple. We combine prayer with learning and schmoozing and begin at 9 am with Rabbi led Torah study. Each week we tackle the Torah portion with stimulating conversations of the soul. At 10:15 our worship service begins. This includes Torah reading and Rabbi’s sermon. All are welcome.

Student Cantor Geigerman and Rabbi Emeritus Garten leading service
Student Cantor Geigerman and Rabbi Emeritus Garten leading service

Music in our Services

Music is central to the spiritual life of Temple Israel. We are known for our concerts and recitals, offered at regular intervals through the year. Our liturgical choir brings a unique level of spirituality to Yom Tov and special services and new members are welcome. Support and instruction are available for anyone who wishes to learn to chant Torah or Haftarah, the blessings, or to lead a Shiva or Havdalah service.

New Temple Israel choir director Zooms in to unite with the power of music

“We’re so excited to welcome Saeideh in the role of choir director,” said Rabbi Daniel Mikelberg of Temple Israel. Learn more about Saeideh Rajabzadeh, our new choir director.

Members of our choir
Members of our choir

Larry Tarof

Larry Tarof

Larry Tarof leads our Kabbalat Shabbat music with his guitar, piano and voice. He offers a variety of musical styles, old and new music choices and musical surprises. Larry also provides musical leadership for Temple Israel Religious School (TIRS) and class led services.

In addition to Temple, Larry (Dr. L.) has more than a quarter century of experience with pop/musical theatre arrangements, choral arrangements, live performances and original compositions.

Daniel Geigerman

Daniel Geigerman, Student CantorFor the past three years, Student Cantor Daniel Geigerman has been our High Holy Days cantorial soloist. We are also pleased to welcome him for Shabbat worship on a regular basis throughout the year. Daniel received his Master of Sacred Music in 2020 from the Debbie Friedman School of Sacred Music at Hebrew Union College Jewish Institute of Religion in New York. Student Cantor Dan enriches our worship with his beautiful voice, inspiring commentary and his knowledge of Reform Jewish liturgical music, traditional and modern. “My goal is to blend my love of Judaism and music in a way that brings joy and spirituality to the world.”
Temple Israel is very grateful to generous families who have supported and continue to support our Cantorial student, Daniel Geigerman for High Holidays and weekend visits.

For 2020 High Holidays: Rosalind Conway and David McKercher, Debbie and Jim Farrow, the David Loeb Foundation through the initiative of Karen Shiller and Arthur Loeb, Lisa Rosenkrantz and Michael Walsh, Debbie and Ron Weiss.

For 2019 High Holidays: The David Loeb Foundation through the initiative of Karen Shiller and Arthur Loeb.

For the Cantor in Residence monthly weekends in 2019:The Danbe Foundation through the initiative of Barbara Crook and Dan Greenberg; Roslyn Conway and David McKercher; Jim and Debbie Farrow; Charles Khazzam and Marie Carmen Berlie; David Loeb Foundation through the initiative of Karen Shiller and Arthur Loeb; Margot Montgomery; Michael and Dina Namer; Rick and Bobbi Soderstrom; Aron Spector and Fran Klodawsky; Gary and Debra Viner.

The Oneg Shabbat Project

The Giving Committee’s  Oneg Shabbat Project aims to ensure that all onegs are provided for throughout the year.

We feel that Onegs, welcoming friends and strangers alike, coming together and caring for others, is the heart of temple.

Help us build ourselves as a community that is welcoming and hospitable by saying “Yes!

Other Services

We regularly worship together on difference occasions. Check the calendar for upcoming services.

Class Led Services

All of our class-led services on Friday nights are followed by a “Bring Your Own Dinner” where families (old and new) are able to get to know other. It is a great way for the children to be together outside of TIRS. Plan to team up with other families for mains, sides, salads and desserts so no one has to prepare it all as we come together to share in community.

Morning Minyan

Start your day with a strong boost of Torah and prayer. Those who need a caffeine boost, a bagel and a little conversation, can stick around and ease into the morning. Our morning minyans are twice a month, beginning at 7:30 and ending at 8:15 am. 

Morning minyan
Morning minyan
Morning minyan
Morning minyan

TOT Shabbat (TOTally Shabbat)

Join us at TOT Shabbat with Morah Sue, TIRS Principal. Celebrate Shabbat with songs, stories and dance for families with children 6 and under. We follow up with a family friendly dinner (usually pasta). RSVP is required by the Thursday before; call 613-224-1802, ex 5 or email reception@templeisraelottawa.com. TOTally Shabbat falls on the 4th Friday of each month at 5:30 pm. 6:00 pm.

Some members of our congregation have allergies to scents and perfumes. Please, with consideration for others, practice no scents is good sense.

Jewish Holidays

Selichot Services
September 12, 2020

Rosh HaShanah
September 18 – 20, 2020

Yom Kippur
September 27-28, 2020

October 2 – 9, 2020

Simchat Torah and Sh’mini Atzeret
October 9 – 10, 2020

December 10 – 18, 2020

The Full Holiday Calendar can be downloaded here.