Margaret and David Delicate

Supporting Temple Israel for the next generation for many years, Temple Israel has been “an integral part” of family life for Temple members Margaret and David Delicate.

The family joined Temple in 1979 when their daughter Eliyanah was six. “We felt it was time to join a Jewish community,” says Margaret. “We liked Temple’s open minded, egalitarian approach to Judaism.”

The couple soon felt a part of the Temple community – “and participation was a natural extension of that.”

Both David and Margaret have served on the Temple Board of directors. David was chair of the House Committee for many years and served on other committees as well. He also was a long-time member of the choir.

Over the years, Margaret has served as secretary to the board of directors, and participated in Membership, School and Caring Committees.

Their daughters Eliyanah and Jordana both went to Temple Religious School and were active in the youth group. “Both were Bat Mitzvah-ed, confirmed and married through Temple,” she says. “Jordana’s wedding was the first multi-faith marriage performed under Temple’s auspices.”

They now have four grandchildren, two of whom are registered at Temple Israel Religious School.

By signing a Letter of Intent, the Delicates’ are joining other Temple members supporting Life & Legacy, “We want to support the continuation of Reform Judaism in Ottawa as practiced at Temple Israel.”