Art Auction 2022

May 26, 2022
7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
1301 Prince of Wales Dr

Guidelines for Donors

As this is an ART AUCTION, donations should be fine art, fine crafts, decorative items of quality, art related items such as wearables, gallery gift certificates, art lessons, art books and films, visits to studios and the like. Entertainment items such as food and drink (perhaps wine?) will be considered.

Register to Attend

Pre-registration is required.

Silent Auction

Preview Auction Items

Click on an image to see the full view, a brief description and to enable a slideshow. Our selection of images in this gallery will change, so come back to see more.

Q & A Rules for Donors

How do I submit an item?

TO SUBMIT an item for the sale, please send a very clear photograph along with a written note of any history of the item, dimensions, what it is made of, its creator, age and any other information that will add to its auction interest. Items must be in clean and solid condition.
Please forward information to Patsy,

Who accepts items and sets bids?

Items will be accepted for the auction at the discretion of the committee. Opening bid and bid increments will be set by the committee. Items may be placed in the live auction segment.

What happens to unsold items?

Unless return of unsold items is requested by the donor, items become the property of TI. Unsold items to be collected within 24 hours of the end of auction.

Who’s responsible for donated items?

TI takes no responsibility for loss or damage to donated items.

Can I have a tax-receipt for the items I donate?

Yes, for the sale price in the auction.