Youth Programs

We offer a variety of youth programs for babies up to teens. JBaby, JKids – Temple’s programming for Grades 1 to 5 and Junior Youth Group (JYG) and FROSTY,  bring Temple members, friends and fellow community members together. It gives participants the chance to be part of the larger Ottawa Jewish community.

Children not from Temple Israel families are welcome to join any of the programs.


New Senior Youth Group Advisor

Welcome to our new senior youth group advisor Dario Chaiquin! As a youth, Dario was a leader in our youth group in addition to serving as a teaching assistant at TIRS. He brings a passion for Zionism and everything Jewish. He’s excited and enthusiastic to trailblaze with our senior leaders.


Temple’s JBaby program offers opportunities for parents and their children under two years of age to gather to socialize in a group setting. Families meet at Temple Israel on the second Shabbat of every month

A second program to allow seniors to engage with the babies at Hillel Lodge.

J-Baby programs

Junior Youth Group

“JYG offers the unique possibility of lending Hebrew school lessons to gaming and vice versa. In class, I’m sometimes able to give students a heads-up that the material we’re covering might be showing up in their D&D game. Immediately they perk up and pay extra-close attention!”
Jenny Tarof-Burn

Junior Youth Group

All Temple Israel youth programming goes online

One positive aspect of the self-isolation for Temple Israel of Ottawa parents is that it’s easier to get to shul with children when it’s online. Louise Rachlis has written an article for the Ottawa Jewish Bulletin on how Ranit Braun and Jenny Tarof-Burns have the youth programming up and running online. Read all about it.