Marsha and Allan Maslove

Helping ‘warm and friendly’ Temple Israel to continue.

Soon after joining Temple Israel in 1976, Marsha and Allan Maslove became actively involved in Temple activities.

“Firstly, it was difficult to say no to Elaine and Irving!” explains Marsha, speaking of longtime volunteers extraordinaire and legends of Temple, the late Elaine and Irving Singer.

Marsha started out as a member of the School Committee. Shortly after, along with Harriet Schneider and Shayla Mindell, she assisted in establishing the Temple Library. For many years Marsha organized and set up the Break the Fast at Yom Kippur. Allan similarly has had many roles at Temple, spending many years on the Board and Executive and serving as Temple President from 1996 to 1998. He is currently Treasurer of the Temple Israel Foundation.

And among their valuable contributions to Temple – “Big bonus,” says Marsha, “Allan and I introduced fellow Winnipegger Heather Cohen to the Temple.” In May 2019, Executive Director Heather Cohen celebrated 30 years of service to our Temple community, and her years of dedication continue.

The Masloves are among the Temple members who have signed a Letter of Intent for Temple’s Life and Legacy program.

“We chose Temple Israel because we were attracted to the Reform Movement,” says Marsha. “When we attended services on James Street before formally joining, we were made to feel very welcome…Our first priority was egalitarian services, and we also appreciated the warm and friendly aspect of Temple.”

Their children attended Temple Israel Religious School from grade one to Confirmation, and both celebrated their Bar and Bat Mitzvah at Temple as well. Their daughter now lives in Guelph with her husband and two sons, and their son lives in Kingston with his wife and two daughters.

Allan is a retired professor, and Marsha, a retired librarian who currently volunteers at the Queensway Carleton Hospital as well as the Malca Pass library.

While the Masloves feel “fortunate to be in a position to be able to help support the future of Temple Israel” and felt that it was important to do so, every Life & Legacy gift, no matter the amount, is welcome and appreciated.