Temple Israel Religious School

Welcome to Temple Israel Religious School, Ottawa’s only Reform Supplementary School. We are proud to offer a enriching and meaning experience to Jewish Education. We strive to support our students discovery and development of their Jewish identity. Our curriculum program aims to strengthen students connection to Jewish traditions, community and Jewish diversity. Classroom instructions includes Jewish values, Torah, Jewish  history, Hebrew language and experiential activities such as Tiyul (hikes) a robust music program for all grades and arts and crafts. We are a inclusive space, welcoming Inter-Faith families,  LGBTQIA+ families and nerodivergent learners. We take pride in making TIRS a welcoming and safe space for all, a place you can call home. Bruchim Habaim.


We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the JFO in offering new students to TiRS a $500 voucher to assist with school fees. Please reach out to our principals at tirs@templeisraelottawa.com for more information



We’re Ranit and Dovi, your friendly co-principals, and we are absolutely thrilled to have you and your family join our vibrant community. Get ready for an exciting journey filled with learning, love, and endless opportunities to grow!

At Temple Israel, we believe that education should be more than just textbooks and tests. It should be an adventure, an exploration, and a joyful experience. We’ve created a dynamic and inclusive environment where your kids will discover the wonders of Judaism while having an absolute blast!

Picture this: your children eagerly running through the doors, their smiles radiating as bright as the candles on Shabbat. Our dedicated team of educators are like magic-wielding wizards, turning every lesson into an enchanting tale that captivates young minds. From the stories of our ancestors to the joyous melodies of holiday celebrations, we make learning a truly unforgettable experience.

But wait, there’s more! Temple Israel is not just a place for intellectual growth; it’s a nurturing community where friendships flourish and hearts are filled with compassion. Your little ones will build lifelong connections with their peers, creating memories that will be cherished for years to come. Our warm and supportive environment embraces diversity, making sure that every child feels like they truly belong.

Here, we celebrate individuality and encourage your children to express themselves creatively. Whether they’re performing in our annual Purim play, creating stunning art for Hanukkah, or leading a discussion on social justice, we provide a platform for them to discover their passions and make a positive impact on the world.

And let’s not forget the incredible festivals and events that make our Religious School shine like a menorah on a dark winter night! From our epic Chanukah carnival to our exhilarating Passover escape room, we know how to have a great time while connecting with our rich heritage. We believe that learning and laughter go hand in hand, and we can’t wait for your family to be a part of it all.

So, dear families, come on in, take a virtual tour of our website, and see for yourself the wonders that await you at Temple Israel Religious School. We can’t wait to welcome your children into our loving community, where they will learn, love, and grow beyond their wildest dreams.

L’chaim to new beginnings and unforgettable experiences!

To contact our principals, please email them at tirs@templeisraelottawa.com

What We Offer

  • Creating Jewish Community
  • Instilling Jewish Values
  • Building Jewish Community that grows with your child
  • A Jewish education that:
    • engages children from JK to Grade 10
    • promotes Jewish ethics and social justice
    • creates a bond with Israel and the greater Jewish community
    • celebrates Jewish life cycle including preparation for Bar/Bat Mitzvah
    • inspires youth programming for Grades 6 to 10

TIRS – Elementary School: JK – Grade 6

Children will have the opportunity to learn about Judaism in creative and adaptive ways. From Torah stories to learning about the environment through a Jewish lens. Our program offers off-site opportunities such as hikes in Hog Back Park and Apple Picking, arts & crafts, music & movement, and that’s just the beginning.  Our goal is for students to be knowledgeable and excited about our Jewish Holidays, understand our Jewish past and the diversity on our Jewish Community.  Student will develop Hebrew reading and writing skill as well as Tefilla through service leading and music. We acknowledge that learning happens in a variety of ways, we strive to meet those needs, to provide an inclusive learning environment for all.

TI High Grades 7 – 10

TIRS High School offering includes, life cycle Bnei Mitzvah prep, social justice projects, guest speakers, class trips and music. Students will have the opportunity to look at Jewish History through art, food, and armchair travel. Understanding who we are as Jews, where we came from and where we are going. Building on their existing knowledge of Jewish lifecycle, students will be able to apply their Jewish knowledge to real life experiences and discover how Judaism can play an active and meaningful role in their everyday lives. Our Confirmation class will work directly with the Rabbi, through conversation, community engagement and intentional learning, students will work towards their Confirmation Service, where they affirm their identity and commitment to the Jewish people and their community. Confirmation Students will also take part in an out-of-town trip. Past trips include NYC, Washington DC, Cuba, Israel, Toronto and Montreal.

Learn, Explore, Connect

Help your child develop a strong Jewish identity through fun and learning at Temple Israel Religious School.

Music at TIRS

Music is a integral part of learning here at Temple Israel Religious school.  Our music classes offer our students a opportunity learn about the Aleph Bet, Jewish Holidays and Tfila. Our Music Man Moreh Larry Tarof brings joy and excitement to our students! Music is a large part of are Jewish education and we sing with Ruach! (Spirit) Temple offers music from Gan all the way to Grade 10,  learning new songs in Hebrew, English, Yiddish and even Ladino. Our music program offers is a proud component of TIRS and the Temple Community at large!


“Dear Morah Karli, Thank you for teaching Ray so much about Judaism. He really enjoyed your class and spending time with you. Taking part in your class has inspired us as a family to do more Jewish activities together and celebrate many holidays we didn’t know about before. We have also started lighting the candles on Friday nights to recognize Shabbat every week which is something we didn’t do before Ray started Hebrew school. You are a wonderful teacher! Thank you so much! Have a great summer.”

“Dear Sue, Jenny and Ranit, 
I wanted to make sure that we expressed our gratitude to all of you, TIRS, and the Rabbi. This school year got really difficult and you all adapted and kept classes and JYG activities going. Your efforts were much appreciated. Monday classes and JYG became a focal point for Kayla during this isolating time at home. Things may continue to be challenging for a while still. It’s comforting to know that Temple was able to adapt and will continue to as we all navigate a path through this pandemic. [Scheduling for the summer will be] daunting, but we will step up to the challenge, just as you have modelled these past few months.”