Berit Milah (bris)

Mazel Tov on the birth of your baby boy.  The first Jewish decision you will make, is deciding about the Berit Milah, sometimes called a bris. Ritual circumcision for male babies on the 8th day has been a core practice for the Jewish people for as long as we’ve been a people. So where should you start.
I suggest that you begin by looking at the website,
The Ontario Liberal-minded Association of Mohalim (OLAM) is a group of physicians, most of whose members are trained and certified by the Berit Milah Board of Reform Judaism. The Mohalim practice independently, in collaboration with the Reform, Reconstructionist and some of the Conservative Rabbis of Ontario.
I am happy to talk to you, either by phone or email. My contact information is available from Temple office, or on the website Rabbi Mikelberg is also available to speak with you about this first milestone for your Jewish family.
Dr. Lisa Rosenkrantz