Support our Oneg Shabbat Project

The Giving Committee launched a new project, the Oneg Shabbat Project, at the High Holidays services in 2019. The project aims to ensure that all onegs are provided for throughout the year. We feel that Onegs, welcoming friends and strangers alike, coming together and caring for others, is the heart of Temple Israel.

Kabbalat Shabbat Oneg

Many of us have a memory of onegs, of how we were welcomed, how we met a stranger who touched our hearts, how we felt connected.

We are making a special effort this year to reach out and ask for your help in making the Onegs that we love even more open-hearted and sustainable. Help us build ourselves as a community that is welcoming and hospitable by saying “Yes! This matters!” and committing to host or support an Oneg or Kiddush in any way you can. No gift is too small.

Please look at your calendar and let us know what dates are important to you, your family, group or circle of friends. Remember a yahrzeit, celebrate an anniversary, birthday, marriage, or birth of a child –or any day that is meaningful to you. Mark that date in the most Jewish way possible —through warm hospitality and sharing wonderful food!

While this is our cornerstone project this year, this is one of many different projects large and small, that the Giving Committee will plan this year. We are excited to work with you to build up a culture of giving at Temple together. Please contact the Temple office to obtain an oneg form or to donate to the general oneg fund.

Kim Doran & Deidre Butler
Giving Committee

Shabbat Oneg

An oneg is a wonderful time to catch up with friends…
and maybe meet some new ones.

Your sponsorship helps to offset the cost of providing the weekly basics and more.

Kiddush sponsors are thanked in our Bulletins.

Did you know that you can help sponsor an Oneg?

Some good reasons to sponsor a kiddush lunch or oneg Shabbat:

  • It’s your birthday, or your friend’s or your pet’s, etc.
  • It’s an anniversary of a special event
  • In memory of a loved one
  • To celebrate a special event
  • Because you are a swell person who likes to support your favourite synagogue

* Donate via Temple’s CanadaHelps form. Select Oneg from the list of funds.