Details on In-Person Services

Temple Israel is beginning a cautious, phased-in approach to physical re-opening, coordinated with our ongoing virtual delivery of services!


What does this mean?

  • Beginning on July 3, we will be holding Friday evening services in-person – outdoors, behind the Bayit.
  • Our aim is that – weather permitting – approximately every second Erev Shabbat will take place outdoors.
  • These services will be broadcast to the best of our abilities. For other Temple services, meetings and activities, we will continue virtually with a return to our beloved Sanctuary once it is safe for larger indoor services.


Who should attend?

  • We pride ourselves on our inclusivity at Temple Israel, but unfortunately these services are not for everyone:
  • Please stay home if you have a fever, cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing;
  • Please stay home if have a suppressed immune system or a chronic medical system that involves your lungs or heart, or inflammatory disease;
  • Please stay home if you are over 65; and
  • Please do not bring children who cannot sit for the entirety of services (ie. less that 6 years old).


How will this work?

  • The Bayit backyard has a safe, physically-distanced capacity for approximately 15 family groups of one to four people. Circles will be painted on the ground at least two metres apart for each family group to sit in. This will ensure the adherence to physical distancing of at least 2 metres between family groups.
  •  Services will be short and definitely sweet – starting at 6:15 pm and ending at 7:00 pm.  The Temple and its washrooms will not be open.
  • Everyone must wear a mask at all times.  Hand Sanitizer will be provided at the entrance and all attendees must use it prior to entering the area.
  • Please bring your own folding chairs or a rug to sit on.  Please note, however, that there are several steps from the driveway up to the Bayit backyard. Temple cannot provide chairs.


Before the Service

  • When you arrive in the Parking Lot, whether your group arrives together or separately, please walk together with your group to the area behind the Bayit.  Please be careful to maintain physical distancing from other groups.  Please drive slowly and watch the traffic when walking.
  • Once you reach the back of the Bayit, you will be met by the ushers who will help you use the hand sanitizer and sign-in.  You will be required to provide contact information that will permit contract tracing at a later date, should this be necessary.


After the Service

  • While we all want to head home immediately – we have to ensure one another’s safety as well as our own.
  • The Rabbi and ushers will control departures – asking everyone to remain in your circles until the families between you and the exit have left – maintaining a safe 2 metre “bubble”.
  • As the driveway is narrow – ushers will control the departures of cars to make sure everyone remains safe walking to the parking lot.


How do I register for an outdoor service?

  • Please phone the Temple Office during the week before the service at 613-224-1802 and speak with Cathy or Heather, sharing how many members of your family group will participate.
  • If all available family groups have pre-registered, you will be put on a waiting list, and contacted on the day of the service if there has been a cancelation. Priority will be given to members.
  • Upon arrival at the steps leading to the Bayit back yard, there will be a second registration – to ensure contact tracing by Ottawa Public health should it be necessary.


What if it rains?

  • Depending on the weather forecast, the decision to cancel will be made at noon on Fridays. Please check the Temple Facebook site.
  • If the service is cancelled, a virtual service be broadcast


Thank you for your flexibility and patience as we enter this new phase as a Temple family.