Social Action

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Our Syrian Refugee Family

Feb. 23, 2016 – Our Syrian refugee family has arrived in Ottawa! Please see our weekly email for updates.


The Baby-Quilt-to-Israel Project

Featured article in the Ottawa Jewish Bulletin – April 4, 2016…turn to page 13.

Baby Quilt Project celebrates 1000 quilts

Quilting on Mitzvah Day

1000 quilts
Quilting on Mitzvah Day, February 7, 2016

Temple Israel Quilters

The Bayit is open on Friday mornings to work (in the sweat shop!), but if you are unable at that time to help and are interested in providing some time to the project, you can also work at home. Just email You can cut out pieces of fabric, you can design a quilt top, you can sew together pieces to make a top, you can wash and iron fabrics, you can hand sew bindings on. ANY one can help. Cotton fabrics can be donated. We are always on the lookout for battings for the inside of the quilts; it seems to be the one thing that no one thinks of donating!


ARZA Canada

Why Join ARZA?

  • Arza is the Reform movement’s Zionist voice. Arza Canada is our Canadian entre into the Israeli society.
  • Arza and Arza Canada support the Reform Movement in Israel. Why is that important?
  • The Reform movement is the leading voice for social justice in Israel. Reform Rabbis began and lead Rabbis for Human Rights in Israel. The Reform Movement’s Israel Religious Action centre defends and supports thousands of displaced immigrants and those denied status by the chief Rabbinate. The twenty-five Reform congregations have 10,000 Israelis “affiliated” with them. They are the touchstone to religious life for another 50,000 Israelis. They operate nearly 60 preschools and eight elementary and high schools.

Reform Judaism and not political parties will help to build an Israeli society dedicated to the principals of the Israeli Declaration of Independence. Reform Judaism will demonstrate to secular Israelis that Jewish values, Jewish customs, Jewish celebrations do not require an abdication of modernity. Reform Judaism in Israel is about building a better future for all the citizens of Israel and all its neighbors.

Please take a moment and in honour of Yom Ha’Atzmaut JOIN ARZA CANADA!!!
Please send a cheque payable to ARZA Canada for $36, ARZA Canada, 3845 Bathurst Street, Suite 301, Toronto, Ontario  M3H 3N2
or go online to and you can register your membership online.  You will be enrolled as a member of ARZA Canada for one year.  This appeal replaces the previous notation that was sent with the dues billing.