Temple Library Update

Have you seen these books?

The following books are ‘missing’ from our library. Could you have a look in your home to see if you may have taken a book to borrow and forgotten to take it back? In the alternative, if you have this book at home and you would like to donate it to the library please feel free to bring it in!

The Road to Confidence Dr. Stuart Rosenberg
Understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls Hershel Shanks, Ed.
How to Read the Bible Marc Zvi Brettler
The Tot Shabbat Paula Feldstein
Essential Judaism George Robinson
Did Moses Really Have Horns? Rifat Sosino
The Battle for God Karen Armstrong
Zohar: The Book of Enlightenment Practical Kabbalah Rabbi Wolfe Laibl
9 1/2 Mystics Herbert Weiner
Three Jewish Philosophers: Philo, Saaday Gaon, Yehuda Halevi
The Modern Men’s Torah Commentary
Jews and Non-Jews Getting Married Sanford Seltzer
Eat and Be Satisfied John Cooper
The Jewish Kids Hebrew-English Word Book Chaya Burstein
The Israeli Guitar Book Jeff Cohen
Jewish Music in its Historical Development
Judaikitsch Tchotchkes Jennifer Traig
The Golden Tradition Jucy Dawidowicz
The Secret Army David Bercuson
The War for Palestine Eugene Rogan
The Cultural Guide to Jewish Europe
A History of the Jewish Experience Leo Trepp
A History of the Jews Paul Goodman
The Rescue of Jerusalem Henry Aubin
The Counterlife Philip Roth
The Last Jew Noah Gordon
Out of the Ashes Maisie Mosco
Murder on a Kibbutz Batya Gur
Shanghai Legacy Marion Cuba (2 copies)
The City of Abraham: History, Myth and Memory: A Journey Through Hebron Edward Platt

How To Sign Out a Book

Have your eye on one of our many library books and want to borrow it? Follow these easy instructions:

  1. Remove the borrowing card from the back of the book
  2. Write down the date, your name and contact information-email or telephone- on the card
  3. Place the card in the wooden SIGN OUT box

Voila! You’ve borrowed the book! Please borrow only three books maximum at one time.
You may keep it for one month unless it says otherwise on the book.
Remember that Reference books are only to be used in the library and NOT borrowed.
Returned books can be left behind the SIGN OUT instructions for re-cataloguing.

Help Our Library

Want To Donate Books? Or Want To Borrow a book we don’t have (yet)? Please contact

Like the Temple Library and want to contribute to keeping our congregation in books? You can make a donation online to the Library Fund!