Junior Youth Group

Our new Junior Youth Group advisor is Sophie Giaccone. Welcome Sophie!

This year Temple Israel is proud to present a brand new programming initiative; our brand new junior youth group (JYG). The JYG was designed and implemented to provide programming for the grade 6 – 8 age group, to complement our senior youth group FROSTY. The programming within JYG is comprised of social, religious and educational activities with the goal of developing relationships between your peers, as well as within our community. With youth engagement being a top priority of the URJ, Temple Israel is very excited to provide a new opportunity to the grade 6 – 8 age group in our community, the opportunity to engage with your peers in a fun, informal environment.

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Questions? Contact JYG advisor, Sophia Giaccone at junior_youth @templeisraelottawa.ca


Junior Youth Group

Junior Youth Group Movie