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The Knitting Pilgrim

Monday, Dec 2 at 7 pm at Temple Israel

The Knitting Pilgrim, featuring actor and knitter Kirk Dunn, is a multidisciplinary one-man show that combines personal storytelling, image projection, and three huge hand-knitted panels that look like stained glass windows, to explore the connection amongst the Abrahamic faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The panels, which look like tapestries, took Kirk 15 years to knit, and are part of his hope to create conversation around the rise of populism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and fear of the ‘other.’ The show speaks to our need to practice empathy (especially interfaith empathy) and to enter into complex conversations, that aren’t black and white, about why people struggle to get along in the world today.

A Critic’s Pick at the Toronto, Ottawa and Hamilton Fringes, one of Top Ten Shows to See in May 2019 by NOW Magazine, 5 out of 5 Stars from Mooney on Theatre, and 6 out of 5 stars from CFMU radio, the show is being presented by Temple Israel and All Saints’ Anglican Church, Westboro, at Temple Israel, 1301 Prince of Wales Drive, Ottawa, on Monday, Dec 2 at 7 pm.

Single tickets are free for high school students, $15 for adults in advance, or $100 for Patron tickets, which include reserved seats and an $85 donation.

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The Knitting Pilgrim featuring Kirk Dunn
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The Knitting Pilgrim featuring Kirk Dunn
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What Audiences are saying:

“A brilliant show that sticks with you, teaches you how to think, about faith, empathy resilience, and art. When doubt about your talent slips in and dogs your every step keep knitting. The end created a wonderful gasp and the tears begin to flow. This is a brilliant moving piece. Kirk is the Jimmy Carter of knitting.” – Deb K

“Went with my teenagers and we haven’t stopped talking about it since!”

“To say [the knitted panels] are breath-taking is like saying the Grand Canyon is a big hole in the ground.”

“I was truly shocked by how MOVING this show is, on many many levels. I couldn’t talk when the tapestries were revealed. They are stunning. I hope this show travels the world, and then comes back to Toronto where I will see it AGAIN.” – Patti L

“Photo in no way does justice to the stunning knitted tapestries created by textile artist and gifted actor @dunn_kirk. “The Knitting Pilgrim” is an absolute must see – a powerfully moving piece of storytelling theatre married with exceptional visual art.”

“I loved this gentle, thoughtful show about faith, doubt, patience and artistic creation. Kirk held my interest through an hour of solo storytelling and his knitted tapestries… are truly beautiful.”
– Kate J

“Everybody knows the Chagall windows in Jerusalem. These are going to be bigger.” – Toronto Fringe goer, July 2019

What the Media is Saying:

Ottawa’s Apt 613 says, “It starts with a guy on a stool, inviting you to come up and take a ball of yarn and needles from his basket. It ends with you wondering how to nominate him as a United Nations Peace Ambassador.”

Olivia Fava @ CFMU says, “This show was transformative… After the show, I was crying. I was very thoughtful. I felt like something fundamentally emotional had shifted for me. I had never seen anything like this before in all my years of going to theatre, in all my years of performing theatre.”

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