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Patsy Royer, President

Patsy Royer, President


Like a quilt top, we are more beautiful and useful when we join together!

Dear friends, many of you know that I am a quilter. I enjoy the colour choices, cutting, ironing and sewing.

There’s nothing I don’t like about quilting, even making mistakes, because that’s one way to learn.

I see analogies to quilting in my work for the Temple. Some tasks are much larger than others.

Some are routine and repetitive, while others are exciting and unusual.Just as every Friday we quilt together in the little house next door with friends, so do we share the work of Temple with other volunteers and staff.

While I can handle making a baby quilt by myself, when it comes to the bigger ones for the dialysis people, it takes at least two pairs of hands to keep things straight and smooth.

As our project has gone on over eight years, Merle Haltrecht-Matte and I have welcomed a number of helpers, some from Temple or other shuls, and some from no shuls at all.

Some of our most regular helpers are not Jewish, but they like us and the work we are doing. It’s our mitzvah.

High Holy Days are coming. We have a chance to think about what we tear apart in the world and what we put together.

Like a quilt top, if each of us represents one colour or pattern, we are much more beautiful and useful when sewn firmly together.

And together, we are more effective in promoting the values of Reform Judaism – Justice, Study, and Repairing the World.

We make our Jewish world better by participation, by teaching our children, by supporting our Jewish and Israel charities and projects.

We make the whole world better by never letting ourselves be complacent in the face of prejudice, evil or destruction, no matter who it is aimed at.

We can all be part of the most beautiful quilt. My family joins me in wishing each of you a very meaningful High Holy Day season and a happy and healthy 5778.

Patsy Royer, President

About our President…

Coming from a Conservative Synagogue background in Vancouver, I joined Temple Israel in about 1987 when my children first expressed an interest in things Jewish outside our home and family events.  I came to Temple because I had been invited to events here – bar mitzvahs, social events – and I found the people  welcoming and the services lively and thought provoking.  I thought the Rabbi at the time spoke well and engaged the congregation, so I was sold.  My children, Dan and Sylvie, were both confirmed at Temple and we came to  consider Temple folks our family in Ottawa.  Like family members, we don’t always agree, but we find a way to function and to grow together.

I was drafted to teach in the Religious School for a few years.  The students I had in Kindergarten are now doctors and teachers themselves!  Then I was asked to serve on the Board of Directors, first as a member, then Secretary.  I have shared so many events and celebrations  with Temple Israel – seders, Purim spiels, bnai mitzvot, weddings, choir, quilting, conferences, concerts and more.  When asked to serve as President, I was concerned that there was a huge learning curve, but the first few months have proven that we are a very forward looking, progressive group supporting each other in our growth.  I look forward to the new Vision, to warmly inviting new people into our Congregation, and to seeing Reform Judaism on a strong path in the coming years.