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The closing months of 2018 have been very busy, as will no doubt be the start of 2019.

Our AGM on November 19th had a good turnout, although as always, the more, the better.. Thanks to all who participated in a wide range of discussions. There was consid- erable discussion regarding quo- rum for an AGM or Special Meeting of the congregation. No change

in quorum requirements resulted.More analysis and clari cation will be done, likely lead- ing to a new quorum proposal to be presented at the 2019 AGM. Financial reporting for the School will be in-tegrated into a single nancial report covering TempleIsrael activities and School activities, resulting in a cost saving: One report instead of two separate reports for Temple and the School. The Board was installed, includ- ing several new members who are already bringing new ideas and new perspectives to Board and other Temple activities. Welcome to all who make up our Board team.

Thank you for giving your time and talents for Temple.

Our Task Force on Truth and Reconciliation, under Anne Alper and Fran Klodawsky, have been busy. A wonderful event was held on December 4, involving the Ottawa area indigenous community and Temple members. Theevent was well attended and had a signi cant impact onmany attendees. There will be other activities in early 2019 for relationship building and mutual learning. Stay tuned.

Our Rabbi Search Committee (RSC), under co-chairs Ta- mara Taub and Lorne Rachlis, is dealing diligently with the many aspects of this vital activity. Your feedback via a survey on a recent visiting rabbinic candidate has provided key information. Timely RSC updates will be continue to be provided.

Our refugee newcomers – Mom and 3 year old son – have arrived and are settling in. The Temple Welcom- ing Committee, under Merle Haltrecht-Matte, have been working tirelessly to take care of all that is needed, large and small. A special thank you to the entire Welcoming Committee and to many Temple members for their gen- erosity, on-going support, and understanding in dealing with this challenging and rewarding Tikkun Olam activi- ty. Yasher Koach!!

Happy New Year. May it be a peaceful, joyous, and healthy new year for all.

Stephen Asherman, President