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Summer time and the livin’ is easy.At least that’s what the song will have you believe.

Not at Temple.

Restoration of our flooded basement began in late June, hopefully to be completed in early to mid-August. This flood has impacted our finances, with the payment of the deductible and also HST on the overall repair costs. We expect higher insurance costs starting at our upcoming renewal, not only because of this claim, but also due to the overall claims experience in the realty sector of the insurance market.

There are other financial impacts that we are dealing with, including higher snow removal costs, rabbi transition costs, and lower than anticipated 2018-19 dues received. As outlined in your 2019-20 dues letter, we welcome your generous dues contributions to ensure a strong and vital Temple Israel.

High Holiday preparations are under way. The Temple Israel Liturgical Choir is busy rehearsing every Thursday evening throughout the summer. They are eagerly anticipating working again with our Cantorial Soloist, Daniel Geigerman who will be be coming in July, August, and September for rehearsals. Daniel’s return for the rehearsals and the High Holidays is being generously supported by the David Loeb Foundation, through the initiative of Arthur Loeb. We are very grateful.

The Nominating Committee, under Mindy Finkelstein, is moving forward over the summer. Getting to know who is available and interested, and getting people working on things that give them a chance to network is important for succession planning. Several Board and Executive positions will need to be filled for the November AGM.

Our current treasurer is leaving Ottawa shortly. We need a Temple member to step forward to take on this key position, starting by working with our experienced Finance Committee and staff who will provide guidance and assistance. Please contact me directly to discuss.

On Friday, August 16, there will be a Temple Israel Pride Kabbalat Shabbat Service at 6:15 PM. Following that will be a potluck vegetarian/dairy dinner. On Sunday August 25, there will be a Temple Israel tailgate/refreshments/gathering before the Pride March. More information can be found in this bulletin.

We are eagerly anticipating Rabbi Mikelberg joining us on August 1st. There are many aspects to welcoming Rabbi Mikelberg to our sacred community, including gatherings involving various Temple cohorts, installation, interactions with Temple staff, committees, and the Board.These are being coordinated through our Transition Task Force co-chaired by Tamara Taub and Deidre Butler. Keep an eye out for updates and announcements.

Stephen Asherman, President