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You may have noticed some inspiring words beside the Temple Israel logo on recent weekly updates. What are these words? They make up our new Temple Vision. This new vision was revised and constructed in consultation with members of the Temple community and approved by the Board at its January 17, 2019 meeting. This vision will guide us into the future.

Speaking of the future, most of what will happen is heavily dependent on nancial resources.The vast majority of Temple’s operating expenses is covered by dues. We also receive an annual cheque from the Temple Israel (Ottawa) Foundation, which covers about 1.5% of our operating expenses. From time to time, we have received generous support from living congregants. Temple has also been very fortunate to have received a few generous bequests. Portions of these bequests havebeen used to pay o the mortgage and will be used to support other Temple activities.

We have recently been made aware of the Life and Legacy program, sponsored by the Grinspoon Foundation, that focuses on legacy gifts. Through training, support and monetary incentives, the program motivates Jewish organizations like Temple to secure legacy gifts, steward donors and integrate legacy giving in the philanthropic culture of the Jewish community. More to come on this program.

Temple members are encouraged to plan for bequests to Temple Israel to provide the financial wherewithal for shorter term and longer term capital intensive projects. These projects will also benefit from lump sum donationsnow from our living members.

On the other side of this discussion is the identification of wants and needs, including dollars to achieve these wants and needs. The result will be a Wish List. This Wish List could range from putting on a Kiddush to purchasing a commercial dishwasher to sponsoring a concert to supporting the building renovation to… Well, you get the idea. For example, a group of congregants, no matter what their means, can get together to share the needed financial contributions for a Wish List item, big or small. Stay tuned.

Kudos to Allan Silburt and his committee for the wonderful Yellow Ticket program held on February 10th. There was great turnout from inside and outside the Temple community, live musical accompaniment by the composer, professional picture and sound, extensive publicity using a variety of media, use of different ticket sales mechanisms, and diligent, careful financial management of this program. Congratulations for a well executed and successful event.

Our Rabbi Transition Task Force (TTF), under co-chairs Deidre Butler and Tamara Taub, is dealing diligently with the many aspects of transition, including saying goodbye to Rabbi Morais and saying hello to Rabbi Mikelberg. For example, work is under way in planning a farewell event for Rabbi Morais and related opportunities for congregants to say good-bye. We are looking at a variety of ways for the congregation to welcome Rabbi Mikelberg and his family into the Temple Israel community. Timely updates will be be provided, with much more to come.

Stephen Asherman, President