Volunteer on a Temple Committee, Task Force or Working Group

Temple Israel has standing and ad hoc committees, task forces and working groups. To contribute to a vibrant synagogue, join fellow members to tackle a challenge. For more information:

Adult Education Committee

Co-chairs – Fran Klodawsky and Robin Chernick Our programs and activities reflect a deep commitment to thoughtful implementation of Jewish tradition. We support each other on our personal journeys through communal programs of Learning for all ages. Our programs strive to engage not only the mind, but also the heart.

Books & Bagels Committee

Chair – Shayla Mindell, Arrangements Lily Cox Email: booksnbagels@templeisraelottawa.ca The Books & Bagels Committee provides an opportunity to read books, listen to a review and then participate in discussion. A bagel breakfast at 9:30 followed by book review and discussion from 10:00 – 11:00 am. Donations defray the breakfast costs. There are 4-8 sessions per calendar year.

Bylaws & Policy Sub-Committee of Strategic Planning Committee

Chair – Allan Maslove
The committee was established in January 2015 and has reviewed the Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, reviews and cross-references bylaws, articles, policies and procedures. Recommendations are reported to the Board of Directors and congregation. This group also is responsible for recommending amendments and advising on all matters relating to the Constitution of Temple Israel. To achieve this mandate, B&P sub-committee, on behalf of other committees, – recommends amendments to the Constitution – reviews or redrafts amendments – advises other committees and the Board on procedures and compliance to the Constitution – advises on the preparation of the Policy and Procedures manual and – supports other committees as requested. Passed Oct. 25, 2007 at Board of Directors meeting. Previously known as Constitution Committee.

Communications Committee

Co-Chairs – Ezra Miller and TBD
Email: communications@templeisraelottawa.ca
The Communications Committee helps to ensure that communications at Temple Israel reflect the values of our sacred community and promote its mission and vision as outlined in our Mission and Vision statements.

Education Committee (School Committee)

Committee Co-Chairs – Miriam Burke and Mitch Leitman
The Education Committee works with relevant Temple personnel and the Board to ensure quality child, youth and adult education at Temple Israel.

Finance Committee

Chair – Doug Marshall, Treasurer The Finance Committee oversees the financial management of the Temple. Their role is to review and approve the annual budget and salary scale, prior to approval of the Board. The Committee also reviews and approves the Temple Israel and Temple Israel School Financial Statements before they are tabled at the Annual General Meeting.

Giving Committee (Fundraising)

Co-chairs: Deidre Butler and Kim Doran To develop and foster a culture of giving that is more encompassing than simply fundraising or promoting philanthropy; To ensure that fundraising and philanthropic efforts support and advance Temple’s tradition of inclusion and welcome; To coordinate, prioritize, implement and track Temple’s fundraising activities, including activities carried out by congregants outside the committee membership;To provide advice and support to the Executive, Board and Committees of Temple Israel on philanthropy and fundraising; To report to the Board on the status and results of philanthropic and fundraising activities; To develop policies and procedures for Board approval and promulgate these within Temple

HR Personnel Committee and HR Management Committee

Chair – Heather Evenchick
An HR Personnel Committee was established February 23, 2013 and passed by the Board of Directors.  The purpose of the HR Management Committee is to review, report and where appropriate, provide recommendations to the Board regarding human resources and compensation matters.

Jewish Memorial Gardens (Cemetery)

Temple Israel Representative – Gerald Halpern
The Board of Directors of Temple Israel appoints, for a five year term, a Temple member to represent Temple Israel as a Member of he Board of Directors of the Jewish Memorial Gardens (JMG). The member reports annually to the Temple Board.

Membership Committee

Co-Chairs – Sharon Behrendt and Sharon Evans
To contribute to Temple sustainability through a stable and growing membership with members who are excited to be part of a dynamic and welcoming congregation.

Music Sub-Committee of Ritual Committee (when needed)

Patsy Royer, Dina Namer and Joan Schwartz
This committee reviews spects of the music presented at Temple Israel in order to improve/maintain quality, consistency and correct presentation.

Nominating Committee

Chair – Mindy Finkelstein
To ensure a fair, transparent, due process for annual nominations to Temple’s Board of Directors.

Ritual Committee

Chair – Garry Kessler
As representatives of the Congregation, the Ritual Committee works with the Rabbi to offer opportunites for regular, holiday and festival workshops. In doing so, it seeks to understand the traditions of the Jewish people, the practices and trends in Reform Judaism and the values of our congregation. In the context, the Committee works to maintain and develop policies and practices that support the evolving spiritual needs of our sacred community.

Social Action

Coordinated by the 2nd Vice President – Christine Kessler
Email: socialaction@templeisraelottawa.ca
The Social Action initiatives and projects involve the Temple membership in important social justice activities that serve to strngthen the greater community and uphold the values of tikkun olam. See Social Action web page for more information.

Strategic Planning Committee

Chair – Margot Montgomery, Email: sp@templeisraelottawa.ca
The Strategic Planning committee reviews ongoing and planned activities and makes recommendations to the Board regarding Temple organization, priority activities and responsibilities consistent with Temple vision. The Committee also develops and shares the Temple governance model.

Transition Team

Co-chairs – Deidre Butler and Tamara Taub
To provide leadership in welcoming and supporting the success of the new rabbi and in bidding farewell to the departing rabbi. The Task Force aims to foster a sacred partnership between the rabbi and lay leaders based on mutual respect, trust, honesty, communication, transparency, confidentiality and reflection.

Youth Committee

Co-Chairs – Miriam Burke and Mitch Leitman
The Youth committee oversees the operations of FROSTY (Temple Israel’s senior youth group), Temple Israel’s Junior Youth Group and the Youth Scholarship Fund.