Communications Committee Terms of Reference


The Communications Committee helps to ensure that communications at Temple Israel reflect the values of our sacred community and promote its mission and vision as outlined in our Mission and Vision statements.  To this end, the committee provides support, advice and oversight for Temple Israel’s internal and external communications.  It proposes strategic priorities for communications and works to ensure communications are timely, consistent, well co-ordinated and responsive to the diverse needs of Temple members and audiences outside the congregation. Its specific objectives include promoting openness and transparency in governance, ensuring that congregants are well-informed of Temple activities, programs and services, and assisting Temple Israel to effectively communicate the values of liberal Judaism in the wider community of Jews and non-Jews in the Ottawa area and beyond.

Membership and Governance

The Communications Committee consists of members of Temple Israel, including one member of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director and a member of the education committee.  The Committee will meet a minimum of eight times per year and hold additional meetings of the full committee and working groups as appropriate.


The mandate of the Communications Committee is to:

  • Provide advice and support to the Executive, Board and committees of Temple Israel on communications to the congregation and to the wider community of Jews and non-Jews in the Ottawa area;
  • Develop strategic priorities, plans and proposals for internal and external communications,
  • Oversee the main vehicles used to communicate with congregants, including the Temple Israel Website and the Bulletin;
  • Develop procedures and processes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Temple Israel’s communications.
  • Assist the development of communications and marketing strategies and products and reviewing these strategies and products.
  • Providing advice on the evaluation of communications and marketing initiatives.


The responsibilities of the Committee and its members include:

  • Developing an understanding of the different audiences within the congregation and how best to meet their communications needs;
  • Developing ways to recognize the contributions of volunteers and celebrate Temple Israel’s successes;
  • Exploring how new media can be used to improve internal and external communications;
  • Developing knowledge on how Temple’s communications can reach audiences of Jews and non-Jews outside the congregation.
  • Listening to the views and concerns of congregants with regard to Temple communications and ensuring the committee is aware of these concerns in carrying out its mandate.  The chair is responsible for responding to questions about the committee from congregants.