President’s Letter to the Congregation, Nov. 16, 2012

15 November 2012
Dear Fellow Congregants,

In my letter to you of 30 September, I told you about a partnership between Temple and Tamir
to jointly purchase and develop the Kerr Avenue property for sale by the Jewish Federation of
Ottawa. The JFO found minor deficiencies in the proposal and asked that it be revised and
resubmitted. I am writing to inform you that the Temple Board of Directors decided this
evening, on the recommendation of the Executive, that Temple would not re-submit the

I want to acknowledge the hard work of the Building Renewal Implementation Committee
(BRIe) co-chairs Paul Lyons and Debra Viner and members David Delicate, Reg Angel and
Michael Parkin. They have worked tirelessly over the past two months to prepare a joint
proposal with Tamir and were very disappointed with this decision. On behalf of the Board, I
want to thank them again for the leadership they have shown over the past three years
examining Temple’s bUilding renewal needs and investigating options for Temple to move from
our Prince of Wales site. The information they collected will prove invaluable as we move
forward on bUilding renewal. I also want to acknowledge the hard work and spirit of
cooperation from the leadership at Tamir in developing the joint proposal for the JFO land. We
wish them success if they choose to put forward a new proposal on their own or with other

Your Board of Directors met with the members of the Building Renewal Implementation
Committee on November 1 and were provided with a thorough briefing and opportunity for

At its meeting of November 8, the Executive Committee considered the uncertainties that would
still exist if the proposal were accepted regarding purchase of the land, financing and
fund raising for a major building project, other elements of the proposal itself, and changes
taking place within the Ottawa Jewish community. The Executive unanimously concluded that it
would not be in Temple’s interest to pursue this joint land purchase proposal at this time. I
immediately notified the Board that the matter would be placed on the agenda for decision at
the Temple Board meeting on November 15. I also spoke directly with Paul and Debra and with
Christine Kessler of Tamir to inform them of these next steps.
We have begun investigating other options including the renovation of our current building and
the possibility of expansion. More information will be available at the Annual General Meeting
on November 27 at which BRIC will be recognized and thanked for its work on behalf of the

Lome Rachlis, President